About ShoppingAndBenefits.com

ShoppingAndBenefits.com is a program operated by Pinnacle Communications Int'l, Inc. designed for the insurance industry and voluntary benefits marketplace. Agents/Brokers are being put out of business because they are faced with shrinking commissions, too many of the same products in the market place and web-based sales bypassing them. This ShoppingAndBenefits.com program is designed to set them apart from the competition, provide them unique benefit services and expand and monetize their client database.

ShoppingAndBenefits.com helps create lasting relationships with new and current clients through a free membership to a shopping portal that pays cash back to the free member and the agent/broker receives a percentage of cash as well. When that free member refers others who shop online, they get FREE leads to market their products and services to, plus they receive a percentage of cash on that member’s purchases!

When an agent/broker signs up for the ShoppingAndBenefits.com Program, they are provided access to lifestyle services, also known as benefits, which they can add to their portfolio of products giving them the advantage over others who only have access to dwindling or over-saturated offerings.

Pinnacle Communications International

Pinnacle Communications International, Inc. (PCI), a global leader in loyalty and rewards programs, most notably Cash Back Shopping Solutions since 1995, has collaborated with insurance industry professionals and entrepreneurs to bring forward a much-needed tool for those seeking a way to build their own business and secure their financial future.

Pinnacle Communications International, Inc. based in Jacksonville, Florida, is a state-of-the-art Internet marketing company and the creator of the revolutionary cash back shopping platforms. Pinnacle provides this technology and value-added benefit for businesses, nonprofit organizations and individuals, which can also capture and maximize the income and potential of the explosive world of e-commerce.

Learn more about Pinnacle at www.pinnacleld.com

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