Fundraising Program

Help non-profit organizations raise funds using the platform. Below are resources to help you work with organizations from presentation to enrollment to support.

RECOMMENDED: Print this page and keep on hand for easy reference.


Introduce the program via email
Fundraiser Introduction Sample Email

Use your .BIZ site to present the program.
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We have tried to make it as simple as possible but your prospective fundraiser may need assistance completing the online form at The information they will need is:


Once an organization is enrolled, help them get started. Below are the action steps a fundraiser should follow along with samples.

Action Steps

  1. Leader Enrollment

    Have the organization’s leader enroll as a free member in

    • The enrollment information used to register should be that of the organization, as it is the account that will become the Fundraiser

    • Activate your account (link in the email sent to you when you joined)

    • This helps them become familiar with and how it works

    Make sure they activate their account.

  2. Decision Committee Introduction

    Introduce to your decision committee

    • Attend a committee meeting

    • Ask them the three questions:

      1. “Do you shop online?”

      2. “What are you doing with the cash you get back?”

      3. “If you’re not getting cash back, would you like to? It’s free!”

    • Have the committee members join as free members under the organization’s leader account. The organization’s leader can enroll again to get their personal account since the original enrollment will become the Fundraiser membership during Step Three (optional).

    Check your reports to confirm they joined under the leader account.

  3. Organization Enrollment

    Enroll the organization’s leader account as the Fundraiser.

    • Go to the enrollment form below for the application to enroll

      • Make sure you “sign-in” at the top of the application, if the leader’s account is going to be the one used by the Fundraiser

    • Set-up your name and logo on your replicated site as soon as possible. It will help as you continue on with these steps

      • You can find the customization options by logging into as the Fundraiser, then going to “Your Account” to access the special Fundraiser menu

      • If you need help with this, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

  4. Make an Announcement

    Now that your organization is enrolled as a Fundraiser, it’s time to announce the big news to your contacts. This email/letter should:

    • be written by the organization leader

    • be used when telling others about your new fundraising program

    • contain your referring URL in it (see your Welcome letter)

    For inspiration, here are a few sample announcement messages:

  5. Get Started with Staff and Volunteers

    After your announcement, it’s time to introduce to your staff and volunteers. We recommend you:

    • use your announcement email/letter to invite your staff and/or volunteers to join first to see how easy it is, or just send them your referring URL.

    • have computers available for registration as free members. Make your new co-branded site the default home page of the browser.

    • create simple cards and fliers to be used as handouts at staff meetings or other events. For inspiration, here are some samples.

  6. Continue the Message

    It’s important to give everyone in your organization a free membership by uploading your member list. Then, send an announcement to them as the first step in your campaign plan. This will primarily be an e-mail campaign.

    To get you started, check out a sample campaign plan. This gives you a great idea of what this program can do for your organization.

    Be sure to consider the other outreach avenues your organization is involved in, and add this program to those as well, including:

    • Website

    • Social Media

    • Newsletters

    • Registration Forms

    • Flyers or Brochures

    • Hosted Events

    Uploading Your List

    A tool is provided on your list of Fundraiser Tools that is labeled "Member Upload" which provides the mechanism for transferring your list. There are specific requirements which are laid out in the Member List Import details.

  7. Share Your Results

    Finally, be sure to share your results with your members, as this will keep them engaged and informed. Relaying positive feedback or testimonials to the rest of your team will also strengthen your organization and help lead you to your fundraising goal.

    Here’s a sample letter that can be sent to your supporters and sharing testimonials with other members.

    Want more info? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

    Good luck, and welcome to a new world of fundraising success!

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